Durango is the city that welcomed me to this world more than three decades ago, that is where this love affair began.

My love for rainy days originated there, right about the time when I was born, the month of June. Ever since I moved to the United States 15 years ago I crave those wet days I used to spend in my beloved Durango.

The mystery that hides in the history of this city is the one that intrigues me the most, but those details are to be exposed by the experts. I am just a native that delights in walking the streets, in admiring the colonial buildings and their architecture.

When I attended middle school in Durango, I had a Civic class. I wish I could recall the name of my professor, but all I know is that we called him by his nickname: “ El pájaro” – “birdman” . His mention is relevant since he made all his students learn about the rich story of our city. I remember he told us that under the city there were tunnels that connected every temple, built many years ago. I am pretty sure many of us thought he was crazy due to his age. But what happened?

In 2011 the city “opened” one of those tunnels and made it a mining tunnel museum that shows the history of one of the main economic activities Durango participated on.  “El pájaro” was right about the existence of the tunnels, so I am pretty sure 20% of the things he said were right.Do you understand now, why I find Durango a city full of mystery? I remember when my parents would take us in company of my cousins and aunt to visit one of the most exquisite pieces of unknown history of the rural areas of Durango: Hacienda la Ferreria de Flores and its Foundry.

The tradition keeps on going, every time I visit the city I MUST go to this Hacienda. As soon as I step out of the car the beauty of the Hacienda captivates me, every step that guides me to the entrance conveyances me to a time where I did not belong, but a time where Juan Nepomuceno Flores lived with his family.

Every hall makes you think about what would’ve been to be there at the time of the Mexican Revolution, a time where women had few rights and were not allowed to speak freely.

This love affair, accentuates at night, when me and my family go to Downtown, and enjoy the historic center at night. The work they have done with the lighting is amazing, especially in the corridor of Constitution street, which allows the pedestrians to enjoy a nice walk while sightseeing the beautiful architecture found in structures alongside this particular strip. I must say that what I enjoy the most is to observe the love affections displayed by every couple in the main plaza (Plaza de Armas). Everyone holds hands, old couples and new couples. You can catch many sitting on the public benches kissing and hugging with no remorse. It is super cute to observe many twosomes at the bus station waiting for the girlfriend to take the bus back home and kiss her good-bye.

Let me mention the most important detail about this love affair with Durango: The food. When you are in the plaza you find street vendors, ranging from candy stands, churros, hot dogs, crepes, fruit, ice pops and my favorite of all, corn stands. My favorite are the ones from “Tohui Elotes”, I would love to steal the secret recipe, all I know is that it has some sort of cream cheese and butter mixed with a green ingredient of unknown origin. You can find me walking on the streets with both of my hands taken either by corn in cup or a spicy ice pop.

There is much more to say, but really, just a few read pass 250 words, so I leave with you some of the visuals that best describe my love affair with my birth town.


With respect,

Celia Glez







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