What have you…

What have you sacrificed to accomplish a goal?

(It is what it is …)

Every single human on earth sacrifices something to obtain something. I sacrificed beautiful moments of my lovely boy’s first years. . . . . . . . . (Silence for three minutes).

It hurts…

I decided to go back to school when he was 6-months-old. I was eager to pursue my career in Broadcast Journalism. I remember being too fed up with homework assignments, research papers, and all that crazy school work. To finish fast I took the most classes that I could handle.Never less than five classes per semester.

I remember my little boy wanting to play all the time when he was 2-years-old, he would grab my hand and ask me to play with him. Most of the time I couldn’t. I was under stress and dealing with some other circumstances of life.

When Leo was a toddler I remember him with so much energy, always wanting to go outside and play, grab a shovel and dig. Getting books for us to read to him, wanting to play hide and seek.

I was there, but I was not really there. I was always thinking about my homework, household shores and part time job. Looking through past pictures all that I find is pictures of me surrounded by books, or pictures that my sister took of him while I was working. She did a fantastic job by the way!

Once a friend said, “it is what it is”, that is right, at the moment we don’t think about what we are sacrificing, we are concentrated in our goals and how we are going to accomplish them.

It sadness me to think that I did not enjoy as much as I wanted Leo’s first adventures. But what makes me happy is that today I am enjoying his most creative ones. One thing that makes me not to worry too much about it is the fact that he does not even remembers. But when I do think about it I get heartbroken. (Sad face)

The positive thing is that I finished my school, graduated with honors and a high G.P.A. even though I sacrificed some beautiful moments I can happily say that I am thankful that I continued.

Even though it was hard I did not stop.

Many of us sacrificed, and keep on sacrificing  many different matters, I know people who sacrificed being away from the family, my life companion as an example, has given up time with the kids to be working away. Some others forfeit their careers to do something more satisfying, be with someone they love. What about those who let go love? …

When you have a set objective you look straight ahead, no matter what. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Sometimes it works others don’t. There are many reasons and very powerful stories out there about people who sacrifice very valuable things, and I am no talking about monetary, but personal and sensitive aspects.

Tell me your story, what have you sacrificed?? I am excited to read about it!


3 thoughts on “ What have you…

  1. I, like you, also sacrificed time with my very small family when I decided to go back to school! Was it worth it? Yes, it was! I now feel completely satisfied with my carreer and accomplishments and I am very greatful and blessed to still have my loving family with me to charish what is still to come for me and/us!

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