That burn inside


I have not written in years, I even feel that commas and periods do not know me anymore, as neither do I recognize them. But that is fine, I truly believe that as long as both parties remember the previous relationship, we can fix it.

In my screen there were unfinished pages, that were meant to become long untold stories. I could not finish a single essay, the writer in me was hiding, as a matter of fact it hid for a long time; it got lost inside my daily routine drawer.

It is so easy nowadays to forget what our abilities and gifts are. We tend to focus on the needs of others, especially if you are a parent, a full time employee, if you are ill, or became a victim of the dangerous disinclining feeling, you name it. We give to others without hesitation, we love unconditionally, we mourn, we volunteer to do stuff for others, as a help for them to keep on dreaming. Nothing wrong with that, but in that move, in that instance we forget about who we are from the inside out.

Lately it has started to burn. It is a feeling, a zealous sensation that is dragging me back to the world of letters, to the empty white page that turns feelings into words. And I ask myself, as I ask anybody reading this, how come we let go of doing what we enjoy so easily?

In my personal instance, I can say that I started to dedicate most of the time in the raising of my two kiddos. I decided to quit my job to be part of my first born, and enjoy him as much as I could. It also happened that at the time my beloved hubby had a job in where he had to travel out of state 90% of the time. I felt that if I obtained a job, I would be taking away the time I had for him to compensate the time his dad did not have for him at the time. As time went by, I got so involved in raising a family that I left aside what I enjoy the most: writing.

By using words, I can express better, it makes me happy, it feeds my brain circuits in pastel colors traveling from one neuron to another; that is a content picture. Maybe this post is tiny, but it is making my sun shine. It is never late to start doing the things that make us happy while we make others happy. Try it today. A simple little thing can add up to do bigger things. Come with me in this journey as I unplug from my comfort zone. It might lead us somewhere – I don’t mind if that somewhere is a trip to my inner self- where perfect memories are built.


What has triggered that deed in your life?


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